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This service is made available to our customers (individuals, companies or institutions) and consists of assigning one or more guards for the protection and surveillance of the premises. These can be armed or not depending on customer needs and the degree of security required on the site.

Close guard

We offer this service for occasional events or permanent situations. Specialists in close protection, our bodyguards are endowed with a great capacity for anticipation and discretion. They are most of the time armed. Psychologically and physically prepared for all eventualities.

Cynophile Brigade

Our team is made up of agents accompanied by one or more dogs assigned day and night to the surveillance of an area.

Alarms & Remote monitoring

We have the possibility of installing various types of alarms and detectors at our customers’ premises, ranging from fire protection to the signaling of suspicious activities with transmission of signals to an emergency intervention pole for the protection of people and goods.


For your events or ceremonies we offer a server escorting your vehicles with two signaling devices but without alarm.

Tracking service

We offer you a solution for tracking and managing your vehicle flora in complete safety. The service is personalized and secure with a technical support team.

Video protection

This device is set up to ensure the protection of a private or public place. The device consists of cameras placed inside or outside the place to be monitored. The images will then be transmitted to a recording monitor and possibly connected to an alarm. Images can be saved and erased periodically according to your requirements.